The Waldheim

Big Moose Lake, NY

Welcome 2019!

Posted by Keriann Martin Kaercher on 21 January 2019

A little business before we get started:
Our annual letter went out at the beginning of this month.  We have received many confirmations of guest reservations, but we want to remind you that the deadline is this coming Friday, January 25th.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you are planning on keeping your reservation for this season or not.  If you have any questions, give us a call or email!  (315-357-2353 &

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Is It Really September Already?

Posted by Keriann Martin Kaercher on 2 September 2018

It is hard to believe that we are already into September here at The Waldheim.  This summer season has just flown by!  As much as we have been a cool retreat for families and pets to get away from a city, we have had one of the warmest and humid-est (is that a word?) summer I can remember.  The beginning of July was in the 90's and probably close to 90% humidity!  Phew!!  At one point, Big Moose Lake was up to 80* in some locations.  It has made for a very water activity filled season!  Lots of canoeing, kayaking, waterskiing, and swimming happened for our guests and our staff.   Not to mention the fishing!  The bass and perch that have been pulled out at our main dock have been numerous and BIG!!  I've personally seen a few 18" bass being caught...catch and release, of course!  The kids and adults were bass-ically having too much fin...I mean fun. 

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The Start of the 2018 Season!

Posted by Keriann Martin Kaercher on 2 July 2018

Wow!  What a fast spring we had!  We started spring cleaning in mid-May and were finalizing the last projects the day our first guests arrived on June 23rd! 

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It Finally Feels Like Spring!

Posted by Keriann Martin Kaercher on 26 April 2018

So, here we are at the end of April, and we are finally feeling some more Spring-like weather!  We still have a bunch of snow in the woods and Big Moose Lake has a good bit of ice on it, but at least it is slowly melting.  A local guy cut a hole in West Bay last week and it measured 31"!  Looks like the ice out won't be until sometime in May!  Even with the ice still covering the lake, the loons and ducks are making their way back.  We've had some other animal sightings as otter in front of Keriann and Andrew's house, a martin down near the boat launch, and a sap sucker out and about around The Waldheim.  Just today we saw the first male and female mergansers on the lake!  A male merganser is a big beautiful bird that looks a lot like a loon until you get up close.  Their white and black markings are very loon-like, as well as, the way they sit in the water...but then you see their bright yellow feet!  Once their mating season is done, we don't see them until next spring.  

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Seasonal Staffing is Coming Together!!

Posted by Keriann Martin Kaercher on 17 March 2018

For the last month, we've been working towards putting our staff together for the 2018 season.  So far, we are seeing a bunch of our "kids" return!  And we love it!  This team that we are able to put together, they are part of the life-blood of The Waldheim.  The ones who come back year after year after year, help us create the family culture that we strive for.  As with any business, it isn't always rainbows and butterflies...our staff put in some long and hard days...and there are always situations that need some TLC.  However, we hope we are able to provide an environment that allows our staff members to develop good work ethic, learn how to be successful as a team and find value in a good day's work.  

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Wow! It's February Already?!

Posted by Keriann Martin Kaercher on 8 February 2018

It's hard to believe that we are already into month 2 of 2018!  It has been a busy month getting deposits in, plugging families into open cottages, and rearranging ones who are trying something new this year.  We have posted some of our availability here on our website.  However, even though our deadline was January 27th, we are still getting deposits in, as well as, cancellations.  Keep checking here or give us a call! 

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Happy New Year 2018!!!

Posted by Keriann Martin Kaercher on 17 January 2018

Happy New Year!  Wow!  It's hard to believe that we are here already!  We hope you all have had a fantastic fall and winter so far.  We have been experiencing a nice and snowy one here ing Big Moose!  Once we get to this part of our off-season, time begins to evaporate.  Between the reservations coming in, we will start our staff hiring process soon, merchandise shows, food shows...before we know it, it's mid-May and we are getting starting on spring cleaning!  

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Summer 2017 - Week 7

Posted by Keriann Martin Kaercher on 3 September 2017

This week holds an extremely big part of my heart.  This is the week that I met my husband when he was a guest and I was his waitress.  10 years ago... on a Saturday night, I walked out through the swinging doors from the kitchen to his family's table...and the rest is history! 

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Summer 2017 - Week 6

Posted by Keriann Kaercher on 17 August 2017

July 29th through August 5th marks what is known as the Week Six Social!  This is a FUN week!  Lots of kids, lots of games, and lots of cocktail parties!  (There is usually one scheduled for each night of the week).  

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Summer 2017 - Week 5

Posted by Keriann Kaercher on 30 July 2017

And we are on to Week 5.  What can I say about Week 5....what can't I say about Week 5!  Most noticably, the volume of the dining room goes up!  Not that it's a bad thing, but it feels as if everyone is just that excited to see everyone else.  

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