The Waldheim

Big Moose Lake, NY

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Crow's Nest

Crows Nest has two bedrooms, one has two single beds and the other has a queen bed.  This cottage is two stories where the master bedroom has its own porch.  With an open concept from the living room to the kitchenette, the stone fireplace adds a warmth to this area.  As this cottage is nestled slightly off the lake, the upstairs and downstairs porches are virtually private.  Still able to get a nice breeze off the lake, Crows Nest is a wonderful place where a family or couple can enjoy some solitude.  The Crows Nest was fully renovated in the last 15 years.

crows-nest-2.jpg Crows Nest bedroom1 Crows Nest bedroom3 Crows NEst bedroom4 Crows Nest livingroom Crows Nest porch